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Jason Fergusson

Versatile, energetic, highly skilled, hilarious, accomplished acrobat. Originally from the Gold Coast, Australia, Jason spent most of his teen years competing nationally in Sports Acrobatics. Following his time competing, Jason spent his time training in various circus disciplines until he settled on his specialities. After several years of training and performing in Australia, he decided to relocate to Europe to expand his professional experiences and skills. And that he did! Jason has achieved and continues to perform at a very high level of skill and performance in Russian Bar, duo Aerial Rope, Hand to Hand and Banquine. He has also become very proficient in many, many other disciplines such as German Wheel, Group Juggling and more! Performing almost constantly for the last 13 years all over the world, Jason has had the opportunity and pleasure to be a part of special events, festivals and touring shows with many companies, from big companies like Cirque du Soleil, GOP and Cavalia to smaller companies such as Luna Cabellera, Les Parfaits Inconnus and many more.  

Coen Clarke

Before even entering the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), in Australia, Coen already felt at home on the stage, and excelled in competitive gymnastics. Since discovering the world of circus, there has been no turning back! Showing amazing character work, physical prowess across a range of disciplines, and a longing to make people smile, Coen has spent over 14 years honing his many talents. Touring across Australia, Europe, North America, and two handfuls of countries in between, he has delighted audiences the world over, working with internationally acclaimed names such as Cirque du Soleil, GOP, Cavalia, and Palazzo, he continues to work with other smaller companies (Vague de Cirque, Les Parfaits Inconnus, Luna Caballera, etc.), and festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival, Halifax International Buskers Festival, Dubai Buskers Festival, etc.). Over the years to come, Coen hopes to continue learning, travelling, and working with other people from around the world - to entertain, enthral and encourage others from all walks of life to join in the fun!

Anne-Marie Poirier

Anne-Marie first found her way within team sports. Meanwhile, her life path was filled with an interest for the performing arts, leading her to explore the world of theatrical production. The discovery of the circus arts allowed her to combine the best of both worlds. Stimulated by challenges, Anne-Marie expresses her art with strength, quality of movement and the expression of emotion. Born and trained in Montreal, she specialized in aerial duo with a female partner to form “Duo Azelle” in 2010. Their breath-taking act has taken them all around the world to perform in shows, special events and creative projects with many international companies, both big and small, such as; Roncalli’s Apollo Theatre, Cirque Éloize, Krystallpalast, Generating Company and Cirque Fantastic just to name a few. They also performed in several prestigious festivals such as, The Budapest International Circus Festival (Hungary) and the Newcomershow (Germany) where they won the Roncalli-Pries. During this time, Anne-Marie has also been performing silks. She devoted herself to this solo discipline as it appeals to her creative side, allowing her to research her own style of movement and exploration of expression.

James Holt

James started performing at an early age, with music and gymnastics, and stunt mountain biking. After seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show in Perth Western Australia, he found his calling, quitting studying graphics design to peruse a career in Circus. He sturdied at the National Institute of Circus Arts, majoring in Chinese pole and Flying trapeze. Since graduating in 2005, he has performed Duo adagio, Pitching, Flying Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Aerial cradle all around the world in companies like Circus Oz and Pop Circus. James is also a qualified rigger, equipment manufacturer and consultant, and ran his own flying trapeze teaching company for many years, and has worked behind the scenes in the production of various shows from the Flying Fruit fly Circus School. Multi talented in this industry, his main passion is entertaining the crowd on stage.

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